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Working my butt off

Again, all I can do is apologize for not being able to write more – and to write more often.  I have been working my butt off at this new job – and not in the good kind of way.  I arrived in HYD on Thursday, March 28th at 3am in the morning.  Later that day – 2pm local time – I went into the office to do paperwork, etc.  On Friday, March 29th I also went into work for training purposes.  I had the first weekend off work (March 30 and March 31).  Since April 1 I have been working every day.  The first couple of days were normal work days.  Get in at 9ish and leave around 6ish.  But starting that Wednesday, April 3 I was staffed on a project – and since that day, it’s been minimum 10 hour days.  Most days are 12 hour days – and the rest have gone as high as 16 hours.

As I am still trying to get a grasp on exactly what it is that I am supposed to do, I imagined a long transition period, but these hours have nothing to do with the ignorance around a new job, etc.  This is because we have some pretty serious and crazy deadlines that were agreed to – and there are so many people working their asses off to meet them.

The entire company was required to work this Saturday in order to meet 1 of the deadlines on one of the projects.  It’s been pretty crazy.  I actually only worked a half day today because I needed to get out and run some errands – do some of the things that need to get done but that I haven’t had a chance to do because I’ve been working so much.

Today I found the dry cleaner – 3 weeks of work clothes that have been worn in 100+ degree weather – and a pet store, cause my boy Mac needs some good food and some treats.  Tonight, I’ll head out to dinner with a couple of friends and tomorrow I will spend the day looking for apartments.  Another huge chore that I have not been able to focus on since I arrived.

I promise more updates once I get settled into a place that has internet.  Right now, I have to come to a coffee shop to get online and, well, you guessed it, I have no time to get to the coffee shop!

I miss home terribly…and my friends and family!

Greg, Tell Me! and I Have Doubts!

I’ve passed the two week mark.  First, my apologies for not updating the blog much so far. The biggest reason is because my only internet connectivity right now is through my phone – so writing an extensive blog update is a little difficult on an iPhone/iPad.  This weekend is our company’s anniversary celebration at the Marriott in Hyderabad.  I just checked in and low and behold, I have regular internet, TV and a comfortable bed! 😉

The second reason I haven’t written much is because I have been working crazy hours the last week and a half.  Talk about getting thrown into the fire!  I began on a project immediately and it is one of those doc reviews that has an almost impossible deadline – but thank god it’s a quick turn around.  The past week and a half, I have worked no less than 12 hour days.  I think Mac is wondering not only where the heck he is – but where the heck I am, most of the time!

Some quick highlights of the first 2 weeks …

“Greg, tell me!” and “I have doubts”

My favorite Indian phrase so far is “tell me”.  Whenever I call for the car to pick me up to take me to work, I say, “Hi, this is Greg.” and I get back, “Hi Greg.  Yes, tell me!”  Everyone says it.

My second favorite phrase, coming mostly from the people I am managing is, “I have doubts.”  “I have doubts” is used in the same way we would use, “I have a question” – but my colleagues use “I have doubts.”  It makes me chuckle!

After this week, my focus will be on finding a permanent home here in Hyderabad.  I’ve been looking around at a few places.  You definitely get a lot of space for the money here  – but the quality of the apartments can range dramatically.

Also, I know people are looking for pics – and I promise – once I am able to get out and about, I’ll definitely post some pics.  In the meantime, I am doing well.  Mac is doing well.  It’s a lot to get used to all of the differences living in another culture – but all is good!

I hear DC went from snow storm to summer in about 10 days flat.  Oh, how I don’t miss the temperature swings.  It’s been consistently 100 degrees (and above) here in Superbad!  And it is a dry heat (thank goodness).

That’s all for now.  More to come soon.