Working my butt off

Again, all I can do is apologize for not being able to write more – and to write more often.  I have been working my butt off at this new job – and not in the good kind of way.  I arrived in HYD on Thursday, March 28th at 3am in the morning.  Later that day – 2pm local time – I went into the office to do paperwork, etc.  On Friday, March 29th I also went into work for training purposes.  I had the first weekend off work (March 30 and March 31).  Since April 1 I have been working every day.  The first couple of days were normal work days.  Get in at 9ish and leave around 6ish.  But starting that Wednesday, April 3 I was staffed on a project – and since that day, it’s been minimum 10 hour days.  Most days are 12 hour days – and the rest have gone as high as 16 hours.

As I am still trying to get a grasp on exactly what it is that I am supposed to do, I imagined a long transition period, but these hours have nothing to do with the ignorance around a new job, etc.  This is because we have some pretty serious and crazy deadlines that were agreed to – and there are so many people working their asses off to meet them.

The entire company was required to work this Saturday in order to meet 1 of the deadlines on one of the projects.  It’s been pretty crazy.  I actually only worked a half day today because I needed to get out and run some errands – do some of the things that need to get done but that I haven’t had a chance to do because I’ve been working so much.

Today I found the dry cleaner – 3 weeks of work clothes that have been worn in 100+ degree weather – and a pet store, cause my boy Mac needs some good food and some treats.  Tonight, I’ll head out to dinner with a couple of friends and tomorrow I will spend the day looking for apartments.  Another huge chore that I have not been able to focus on since I arrived.

I promise more updates once I get settled into a place that has internet.  Right now, I have to come to a coffee shop to get online and, well, you guessed it, I have no time to get to the coffee shop!

I miss home terribly…and my friends and family!

2 thoughts on “Working my butt off

  1. I miss you, too! Hang in there! Remember, it takes a little time to get settled in and to get acclimated to your new surroundings. Good luck with your apartment search!

  2. Oh my!! I hope you’ve gotten more errands taken care of since you wrote this! And hope things are going well :)

    Post a pic when you can!!

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