Shifting to My New Home

This weekend was the big move – or “shift” as they like to say in Hyderabad.  It was a fairly easy affair – about 10 suitcases and a couple of boxes of stuff.  Got most of it done on Saturday and then spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday cleaning up and running errands.  Still lots of work to be done, but it’s coming along – and I am really enjoying my new home.  I think Mac is too!  At first, he spent some time under the bed in the third bedroom – but now he’s treating the whole place like home.  I even converted the Pooja Room into his very own hang out.  I put his food and his toys and his little bed in there.

I promise to do more updates more frequently now that I have internet at home.  Oh, I also have cable – and they show American TV.  I realized that I can catch up on the Voice and some other shows.  Last night I watched 2 episodes of the Practice!  Oh, it’s nice to have TV back in my life!

Ok.  More updates to come.  Along with pics.

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