My New Place – Jayabheri Silicon Towers

Last weekend, I shifted (i.e. moved) to my new home in Superbad!  It’s pretty freaking awesome too!  I am so comfortable here – much more comfortable than the temporary housing where I was living when I first arrived.

So, here are the details.  First – good or bad – it’s literally right behind my office building.  In fact, from my bedroom balcony, I can actually see the project room I had been working in for the past month.  The good – no commute; being able to come home for lunch/dinner.  The bad – it’s just so, so close.  And, that balcony I was speaking of, well, it also overlooks the “smokers lounge” at work, so it’s not easy to stay undetected.

It’s a 3 BHK (3 bedroom, hall and kitchen) in HYD-speak.  It should be called a 3B-2L-D-H-K – because there are 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a dining room, hall and kitchen.  Oh, and there is a Pooja Room too.

Here are a few pictures…

Pooja RoomPoojah room – i.e. Mac’s oom My bedroom My bedroomKitchen 2 Kitchen view #1 (I had to take 2 pics)Kitchen 1 Kitchen view #2Bedroom 2 Guest bedroom 1Bedroom 3 Guest bedroom 2Dining Room Dining roomLiving Room 2 Living room #1 (my hang out)Living Room 1 Living room #2IMG_0295view from my balcony

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